Ep. 006: Wolf-PAC National Director Michael Monetta

Michael Monetta

Podcast Notes:

Join us for a conversation with Michael Monetta, National Director of Wolf-PAC, a non-partisan, non-profit reform organization working for free and fair elections.  Concerned about the corrosive influence of Big Money in politics, Wolf-PAC’s network of volunteers active in all 50 states are advocating for an Article V Limited Amendments convention to propose campaign finance reform.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, and several related decisions, unleashed a torrent of undisclosed election spending.  Polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—are in favor of placing limits on campaign spending by wealthy individuals, corporations, and special interests.  Given Congress’ failure to address this issue, Michael Monetta explains how an Article V Limited Amendments convention empowers states and citizens in calling for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn misguided Supreme Court rulings. 

In this podcast, we ask Michael about the fear of a “runaway convention’, how Wolf-PAC coordinates with other grassroots reform organizations concerned about Big Money in politics, and the challenges Wolf-PAC volunteers face.  Our listeners will be interested to learn how Wolf-PAC offers its volunteers training in how to engage with their state legislators, how to have a constructive conversation – many for the first time.


This is a great podcast, I really enjoyed it and shared widely.

Thank you for giving a voice to this amazing movement to save our republic.

Nabaraj Subedi Moon

Great topic and great conversation .. keep up

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