United Against Corruption


Democracy4Change joins Wolf-PAC and a number of other nonpartisan, grassroots democracy reform organizations in standing united in demanding a government that is responsive to the will of the people.

A Declaration of Unity


We, the undersigned, believe unlimited spending in our elections by Super PACs, corporations, billionaires, and special interest groups has eroded the American political system, and we must use every available tool of democracy to correct the course of our nation.

We believe that ending the undue influence of big money in our politics is an extremely urgent matter. Only when we have a truly representative government — responsive to the will of the people and not only the few who can afford to buy influence — can we effectively address the many critical issues facing our society today.

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have united around our common vision of democracy and have risen up to defend it. For example, U.S. Senators were once appointed by state legislatures, until people took action in the early 20th century. The previous method was widely seen as a form of corruption, due to the disproportionate influence wealthy individuals and special interests had over the process. In fact, between 1866 and 1906 nine cases of bribery were brought before the Senate, which was often referred to as “the millionaires club.”

Using every available tool of democracy, including legislation, petitions from the people, ballot referendums, educational campaigns, resolutions calling on Congress to propose a Constitutional Amendment, and finally, applications for an Article V Convention to propose an Amendment, Americans fought to bring about the reform necessary to resolve this issue. These efforts did not impede each other; instead, they built the collective strength of the movement, resulting in the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for the popular election of Senators.

It is in this spirit, and with history as our guide, that we celebrate the many approaches and solutions to the threat to democracy we face today. Indeed, our time for action has also come. We must restore democracy once again.

We believe that we must lead with courage. When presented with challenges of many different magnitudes and against seemingly insurmountable odds — from the American Revolution to the civil rights era to the women’s suffrage movement — Americans have always taken courageous action to make our country more democratic, more inclusive, and a more perfect union. We must do the same today. There is too much at stake not to pursue every avenue of reform.

On behalf of ourselves and future generations, we stand united in demanding a government that is responsive to the will of the people.

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