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Dedicated to telling Inspiring Stories of Citizens Making Democracy Work

A growing number of grassroots initiatives have emerged to promote creative solutions to issues such as gerrymandering, restrictive voting practices, polarization and tribalism, and the influence of big money and special interests.  Citizen reformers are working in a non-partisan or cross-partisan fashion to reform the system, establish common sense accountability, encourage safe spaces for constructive dialogue, and help ensure that citizens’ votes actually do count. 

Unfortunately, headlines and news coverage rarely include stories about these reform initiatives.

The Citizen Reformers podcast’s objective is to help Americans become more aware of the compelling stories of ordinary citizens making democracy work to effect change on everyday issues, whether at the national, state or local levels.  Hope is contagious.  Ordinary citizens can and are standing up for common sense solutions.  Citizen reformers are engaging established political parties, Big Money and corporate interests…and winning!

These stories are about actions that you can join, support or replicate on your own.  Our hope is that more Americans will become motivated to actively engage on issues that affect their communities.


Ep. 001: Grassroots campaign to end gerrymandering in Michigan,  Jan 1, 2020

Ep. 002: Kyle Bailey: Advocate for Ranked Choice Voting,  Feb 10, 2020

Ep. 003: Virginia among the worst states in the union in terms of ethics and transparency,  Mar 10, 2020

Ep. 004: David Denham – Troublemaking Minister & Anti-Corruption Activist,  Mar 24, 2020

Ep. 005: Covid-19 Pandemic Response Hurt by Health-care Industry Political Spending: Health-care Professionals Sound Alarm,  May 1, 2020

Ep. 006: Wolf-PAC National Director Michael Monetta, Jun 17, 2020

Ep. 007: Vicki Barnes — Volunteer Activist for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to Ensure Free & Fair Elections,  Jun 23, 2020

Ep. 008: Hedrick Smith talks grassroots democratic reform & reclaiming the American Dream,  Jul 27, 2020

Ep. 009: Virginia’s Rural Broadband Crisis — How the Pandemic Shined a Spotlight on Broadband Access and Affordability

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